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All questions and user reviews on the website wcjvideon.xyz
for the last 24 hours.
(31.10.2020 08:20:05)
  Hello everyone! My friend advised me to join you and I did! For the money that he has earned with you, he managed to buy a new iPhone!  
Administrator   [Awaiting response...]  

(31.10.2020 06:46:45)
  Wow! What a great project it is! I express thanks to the organizers. I have already withdrawn my first earnings! And the sum $ 177 is pretty good for a student like me)))  
Administrator   Hello VioricaD89! Thanks for the work and good luck!  

(31.10.2020 05:01:55)
  It's pretty good, I'm telling you. The very first day I earned a decent amount $ 93 and thought that I wouldn't be able to withdraw it. However, I decided to order payment, and, voila, I received the money after 3 minutes (I checked)!  
Administrator   Hello Magist2000! Yes, we do not have delays with payments and always pay at the user's request!  

(31.10.2020 03:47:51)
  It's a good job for a retired person. It's some kind of miracle! At my age, people can hardly find a job. So, when my children sent me the link to the site wcjvideon.xyz, I forgot about all my financial problems. Now I make so much money that I do not need the retirement benefit. I live in style and help my children and grandchildren! Thanks to all those people who came up with this idea and organized everything!  
Administrator   Dear mackshawn, thanks and good luck!!  

(31.10.2020 01:27:21)
  Hello everyone! Yesterday I withdrew some cash to the bank card for the second time already. Now I have a question: do I need to pay taxes from the withdrawn money? How?  
Administrator   Good afternoon, Orqefaxx. We are a tax agent, so we pay taxes for you ourselves, i.e. you receive the final amount. You have nothing to worry about  

(31.10.2020 00:34:21)
  I heard that there are systems that pay money for watching videos. I have never seen anything like this. Last week, a friend sent me the link on Facebook. Since that time I have withdrawn more than 200 dollars! And it's not even the end of the week! I am shocked! Many thanks to the administrators!  
Administrator   Thank you, Kattia, for your kind words! We will be looking forward to working with you in the future!  

(30.10.2020 22:01:24)
  I promised to write feedback, so here I am. I have just received a message that my money (196 dollars) was withdrawn to my bank card. Thank you wcjvideon.xyz so much!  
Administrator   Germiona, it could not have been otherwise!  

(30.10.2020 20:02:06)
  Great! I received the $315 yesterday. There's enough to buy a new and more powerful smartphone  
Administrator   Dear Dennyboy, thanks for the feedback!  

(30.10.2020 18:08:04)
  I'm shocked. Now I'm thinking about leaving my main job. In just two days I earned the amount equal to my monthly salary! The question is, how long will it last?  
Administrator   Good afternoon margo777! We have plenty of orders and the budgets are approved until the end of 2025. Do not worry! You will have work to do!  

(30.10.2020 16:14:02)
  Do you plan to add the Payoneer payment system? I live in Germany, and this method would be more convenient for me.  
Administrator   Hello alex_guss! We are working in this direction. We will tell you about it as soon as we know.  

(30.10.2020 13:55:17)
  I offered my wife and daughter to try it and they have already earned $420 great sums!  
Administrator   Thank you Bachhj122! Attract your friends too)  

(30.10.2020 11:42:39)
  It's a great part-time job for moms on maternity leave! I attract friends and earn about 350 dollars a week!  
Administrator   ivonna_att, we wish you to get even more earnings!!  

(30.10.2020 10:36:43)
  Hum, not bad. Just yesterday, I withdrew my amounts 174 dollars. Now I don't need to be a taxi driver anymore.  
Administrator   amaretto, Our users leave their main job to watch videos for money  

(30.10.2020 08:25:07)
  Thank you, everything's fine. I have withdrawn my funds without any problems!  
Administrator   Patricia56, good luck with your work!!  

(30.10.2020 06:13:31)
  my email [email protected]  
Administrator   The instructions were sent  

(30.10.2020 06:08:31)
  I can't understand how to withdraw money to a bank card. Please, help me. My sister did it not so long ago, and I can't!  
Administrator   Patricia56, please, write your email, and we will send you all the detailed instructions.  


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